Frequently Asked Questions

Break Maiden is a Creative Studio located in St. Petersburg, Florida that specializes in branding, graphic design, packaging, photography, videography & website design.



What’s your creative process?

Our creative process typically starts with a discovery phase where we invest time learning about the client, their product or service, and target audience. From there we research and moodboard to make sure everyone understands tone and direction.

Once we are all in agreement we will begin our first round of creative, in most cases, working towards one visual solution. Then we present, gather feedback, and if needed, push the project further with a second round of creative. Effective communication is key. After the second and last presentation only minor adjustments, if any, should be required. Then the artwork will be readied for use; finalizing and packaging all print, digital, and mechanical files.

How many concepts do you present?

We have found that after the discovery phase there is a strong idea of the client and project goals. We never pursue more than one concept because focusing and putting all of our effort into one great idea is better than dividing it among five mediocre ones.

How do you charge?

On most projects we charge a flat fee which is the estimate of time and services needed. These projects are slightly discounted from our hourly rate, as they provide more stability. Smaller projects are billed at the studio’s hourly rate.

Who's your ideal client?

Our ideal client is a like-minded individual that trusts the creative process. This trust allows us to create a collaborative environment where ideas can grow.

What do you specialize in?

We excel in art direction, branding and identity systems, illustration and creative typography, logo design, photography, videography and packaging design to name a few.

Where are you located?

We’re located in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.

Who leads Break Maiden?

Break Maiden is creatively led by Kenny Coil, and Marc Berenguer, separately and together, have worked with a number of brands to help push them into the winner’s circle.

Do you collaborate with others?

On occasion we do collaborate with other creatives. We are always open to discuss and consider new ideas or opportunities.

Do you race horses?

No, but if we did, we'd be damn good at it.


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